Monday, August 13, 2012

Water Country

Kameron got up about 8:00am, showered and then we went down to breakfast. We wanted to get an early start to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH. From our hotel, it was about a 45 minute drive. Kam played on the laptop while I packed up our room, then we lugged all our stuff out of the hotel and into the car. With our backpack packed with a change of clothes and another bag with our towels and snacks, we were all set. Quick cup of coffee and DDs and we ventured out.

The day was not supposed to be very good weather wise. When we got to Water Country about 10:40, the parking lot was not too busy. But, we made plans and we would hope for the best.

I was using my debit card to pay but Water Country has a policy that for any credit or debit card, a license is required. I am happy they take this extra precaution...but at the same time, my license was back in the car. We had already gone through security...but, a quick trip to Guest Services, an escort into the park to the ATM machine, a quick withdrawal and an escort back to the window solved the dilemma of going back to the car and through security again.

We rented a locker ($13.00 with $5.00 returned if we brought the key back) and stowed our stuff...then headed out to find a couple of chairs where we could make camp. It took a while to find the public chair section, and Kam said if I looked at the map like he said we would have found it faster. We laid out our towels and put down our cooler. After smearing sunblock over the little guy, who now looked a bit pale from the white cream, we headed over to lazy river. First we stopped by the safety vest area and put on the orange vest.

Kameron just loves the lazy river!! He wanted to go around on his own tube and so we tried it...but he's still kind of little so couldn't see anything. After some fumbled attempts to do it on his own, he opted to climb on my tube with me and we went around together. It was busier on the river than I expected and there was one waterfall that practically knocked you off your tube! We avoided that one in future circuits around the course.

After about 8 trips around the river, we went over to the tidal pool. Kameron is about 46" tall so is 2" short of riding the bigger rides. He is also too big for the real little kid rides. I think next year he'll have more options. This being said he had an absolute blast in the wave pool. When the bell rings, these huge waves bop people up and down and break on the 'cement' beach just like the ocean. He didn't stop laughing, jumping, splashing, he had a great time.

Then we found a slide he could go on so we grabbed a double tube, climbed the stairs to the top and, after not too long a wait, went into the tube! It turned completely pitch dark inside. We were twisting, turning, speeding down a water chute and then got shot out at the end like a cannon! He LOVED it.

When we got off he said, "Let's go again. I'm glad I went, that was awesome!" As we approached the top, he said, "Thanks for taking me. If you didn't take me here I wouldn't know how awesome this ride is!"' Too cute.

We walked around a bit more looking for a slide he could go on when he decided the lazy river was where he wanted to be. So we went back, grabbed a tube and hopped on. Well, tried to hop on. I got in and while trying to hold the tube steady to get Kam on, I lost my balance and toppled over...much to Kameron's delight. Try again...hold the tube against the moving current, get settled in, splash!! topple in. Even more laughter from the little guy. Okay, 3rd time never fails! Stnad in the tube, get Kam in and then sit up, yes, finally, it worked. 

After a lengthy cruise around the lazy river, we went back to the wave pool. But, wait, we missed the dropoff point, stop, caught in the rapids, grab the edge and hop out of the tube into 3-1/2 feet of water. Now fight the current to walk back to the stairs. This is NOT easy, especially with 50 tubers bumping into you along the way...but we got out!

With his safety vest on, Kameron floated over the big waves so even though we are standing in about 3 feet of water, it looks like he is in the middle of the ocean in a hurricane. He laid on his back and just went up and down, up and down with the blast of waves.

Somewhere in here we had some dippin' dots...little BB's of ice cream in a cup. Cotton Candy for him and Cookies 'n Cream for me. Not sure how they make this type of ice cream, but it's fun, doesn't melt as fast and is just enough to satisfy those need for ice cream urges.

We left the park around 4:30 after getting changed and buying a couple of souvenirs. A quick supper at Chipotle and we headed south and home.

Here are two short videos of Kameron in the wave pool.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canobie Lake Park Part 2

So the little guy is asleep and I thought I would update the blog from this evening's activities. It was still raining up until about 6:30. I thought it looked like it was slowing down so we went over to the Rockingham Mall. Kameron needed goggles for the pool (he forgot his) and I needed water shoes for the park tomorrow. It was pouring when we got there...

We had trouble finding goggles. This mall is huge and none of the stores listed would carry goggles except one or two. Finally we found a store that sold goggles, Olympia. Luckily they also sold water shoes, on sale, so all set. We left the mall and the rain had stopped so we drove up the road to the park.

I got this nice reflection of the ferris wheel in the puddle outside the park. Everyone was soaked!! I think Kam and I were the only dry ones in the park!! Big puddles everywhere.

We decided to return to the 'extreme' dragon coaster and this time I went on with him. He said it was much 'funner' then last year. I said I was a bit nervous to which he replied, but you weren't last year so you shouldn't be now. We rode both circuits with our hands in the air. Oh, the excitement of a roller coaster, especially one with a dragon head on front.

Then he talked me into the caterpillar ride again!! He needed to see what it was like in the dark, that it must have been very dark under there and he needed to see it. Yes, it is much darker than the daylight, and just as disorienting!!

The skyride was cool at night, with all the lights. I think Kam said he forgot that canobie 'twinkles' at night. It is pretty, the ferris wheel is mesmerizing at night.

Then we finally got a ride on the antique cars because there was no line. Kam drove and was pretty excited that he stayed on the road and did not get a speeding ticket. He was very proud of this fact.

He did the helicopter ride, which he seemed to really like and played a couple more games. Won a finger lock with one game and another Smurf with the Whac A Mole...quite the array of prizes to bring home.

We opted to leave before the fireworks, about 8:45. Kam was getting tired and so was yours truly. The room sounded good, rest and put our feet up, get something to eat that wasn't too heavy. We were going to take a swim so Kam could try out his new goggles...but then he got a tummy ache,. It cleared up quickly though.

Tomorrow off to Water Country...hopefully the weather holds out for us.

Kam and Grandma Sue say goodby to Canobie!! We had fun!!

Canobie Lake Park Part 1

So we made it to Canobie Lake about 10:45am after I, of course, missed my exit because I was looking at the directions for 93 going South. I have been to Canobie more times than I can remember so don't ask me why I just drove by the exit! Anyway we got there, no line, paid to get in, no line, the rides barely had any lines...was actually a good start. The weather held out...didn't start raining until 230 so we are back at the hotel for about another hour or so and then we will go back to the park. We had our hands stamped and its only 15 minutes away (if you get off at the right exit anyway). Kameron is chilling out with cartoons so I thought I would catch up with the blog.

After arriving at the park the first ride Kameron wants to go on is the Tilt A Whirl. They call it something else here...but, wow, I do not do spinny rides good anymore. So I said, well, doing it first should get it out of the way... Of course, he just loves it when it spins around 5 times fast without stopping...he's saying 'This is awesome!" and I'm saying, "is it over yet??"

On our way to the hot air balloon ride, Around the World in 80 Days, Kameron saw the little I had time to recover while he drove, tongue sticking out most of the way, around a little wood track. I was kind of glad to wait a bit as I needed time to recover from the first ride we went on and this balloon ride was one where we controlled the spin. Well, guess what...we spun and spun and spun...until I begged him to stop and he looked at me like, really?...and then spun some more. I survived but had trouble walking for a few minutes.

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Then we took a nice relaxing sky ride over the up and down, no spinning, nice breeze....looking down on the park then he said, what's that? I looked where he was pointing and, OMG, another circle ride, the  ominous Caterpillar! Sit in a seat on a circular track that goes up and down really fast...but on top of that, a covering goes over, a green covering (hence the name) so you can't evern see where you are... Anyone who can't read in a car while driving will understand that a circular ride, going up and down, very fast that does not allow the rider to orient themselves is the predecessor to nausea. Try riding this ride when it is also hot and humid (which thankfully it wasn't) and you'll pray for a power failure!

We bought some water and cotton candy then walked a bit until I saw the little guy bumper cars. I think we had a good rhythm going here, one ride for both of us, one ride for Kam. Give the old lady some time to get the brain matter back in place. So he's excited runs onto the floor and gets in his car...and the young man running the ride stands there and says put on your seat belt. Well those things are shoulder harness straps that the kid has to stick their head in and pull an arm through. He doesn't help them just stands there... So Kam is on the other side struggling to get in the harness and finally he does...the woman next to me was as frustrated as I ...then he doesn't help them get out. I may need to drop a note in the suggestion box on the way out tonight. But, needless, Kam was lauging his head off bumping into all the kids...some like to skirt the edge and pick up speed, not him, Demolition Derby here he comes!

So although we had a map and Kam and I were reviewing it off and on, we've already walked both lenghts of the park about 22 times...back to the other end to ride the Flume. This is one of our get wet, but not too wet. We bought the photo they took and I look like a dweeb but he looks cute.

Then we went on the giant ferris wheel, he loved it. The kid is fearless! He looks out over the edge, height didn't bother him...then I look at him, look down and realize we left our hats on the Flume ride!! Yikes. After the ride ended (and you know how that takes forever to unload people) we ran back to the Flume. By this time there is a line. We are cutting through people and under barriers, "we are just going to lost and found. we aren't cutting our hats are over there, blah blah" So our hats were there in the lost and found...whew.

On the way back he told me he was so awesome at whac a mole game. just had to play was sure he would win. So we played, and he won. It was only him and I and he got 30 points and I got well, I must have got less because he won the mini smurf. He was so proud, told me how he keeps telling his mom how good he is at that game and now he has a prize!!

Then he went on the Dragon Coaster all by himself. Hands in the air, smile on his face, very excited to be doing it on his own. I was so happy for him also because I got to stand on solid ground and take pictures!! He did the little swings but didn't look too excited about that one.

One ride he was not too happy with was the spooky coal mine. He wasn't too sure about that one...but went on and we survived, He did say he probably had enough of that ride though and doubts he will want to do it again...forever. Amazing the things that spook you when you are little. I hated that ride as a kid but now don't know what the fuss is about.

After a kind of boring boat ride and a more exciting pirate ship ride, he played the fishing game where he won a mini shrek. The kid is on a roll!!! I'll need another suitcase!

BTW, they are making a new attraction called Terror In The Corn. It's a corn maze, very spooky looking...opening in October...must be for Halloween. I wonder what that is all about.

So going back in a bit, but in the meanwhile, Kameron and I are having a blast!! He seems a bit tired now but won't give in and take a short nap. I'll see if he wants to stay for fireworks, if not, we'll come back early and jump in the pool for a while.

Not sure why the blog keeps moving my photos around...but this will do. Plus, for some reason, it is rotating back to original rotation...strange. Well, we're off, hopefully the rain ceases...

Breakfast and Getting Ready for Canobie

His blue & green outfit matched the hall carpet. :)

Well, he didn't want to get up at 8:00am but he did and got right in the shower. I don't like to sleep in late on vacation (as Kameron's older brother knows LOL ). We are going to Canobie Lake today so hopefully the weather will hold out. We went down to breakfast and it was a zoo! There must be a hockey tournament in the area, hockey bags line up and 30 kids wanting to make waffles. Now I know how other people felt when we went on all of our hockey weekends and the kids basically took over the hotel! But anyway we go breakfast, Kameron had a lot of food (his words) and I found the coffee maker. ;) Now we are getting our stuff ready to go to the park. The little guy has been dancing around all morning, he's a bundle of energy!
Waiting for the elevator

Mmmm, OJ (his waffle, he ate about half)

Sharing a bagel